Monthly News

February 2019


The emphasis is on the light of God’s salvation in Christ going out into the Gentile world.

February   3 - “God’s Delight” – Luke 3:15-22

February 10 -

February 17 - 

February 24 -

Pastoral Search Committee Update

At the March 3, congregational meeting, a question was raised concerning whether the PSC should reveal the candidate’s name, church, and exact location at our April 7 informational meeting. The team concurred that the PSC would act in accordance with the American Baptist Churches of Michigan (ABC-MI) and seek their recommendation. The recommendation given was to share the information ABOUT the candidate and not yet share the candidate’s name, church, nor exact location at this meeting. However, the church family should know those specifics prior to Candidate Weekend, April 27-28. The reason given had to do with social media and all its implications, opportunities, and far-reaching consequences. Totally understood. The team will follow that recommendation.


Since the week prior to Candidate Weekend is Easter, the team has decided to follow what some other ABC churches are doing and that is to send a letter to the congregation after Easter and before April 27. The letter would contain all the specific information and ask the congregation to continue to pray for the Lord’s leading.


The PSC appreciates your prayers and support during this entire process.


Please continue to pray for the Lord’s guidance as we move forward with the pastoral search process. We want to be open to His leading and act as one unified voice. We look to the Lord for His wisdom, discernment, and knowledge during these important times.

March is Reading Month

The PRESCHOOL BOOK FAIR started on March 10 and goes until March 15th. Our book fair is a great opportunity to buy unique and trusted books for all occasions; gifts for teachers and students, birthdays, holidays, etc. Books are now available for purchase in room 202 March 11th – 15th from 9 am to 3 pm. Approximately, 60% of Book Fair sale proceeds go directly to the Preschool.    


Do you like to read?  Then we want YOU! Our preschool ministry is seeking volunteers to read to our classrooms. You can bring a favorite childhood book, or choose from one in the classroom. Any Monday-Friday, 9 am – 12 pm during the month of March is available. To volunteer, please contact Liz Lett at 248-855-16662 or at