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Pastor Jon
Matthew 5:33-37 06-22-14
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Your words are the most powerful influence you have on another person. You will do good with them if you choose to speak the truth in love.

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Passion and Purity
by Pastor Jon Matthew 5:27-33
Sex is misused in so many ways. Jesus teaches that sexuality is an important part of life and is to be celebrated in the context of total commitment.

Relationships Redefined
by Pastor Jon Matthew 5:21-26
Broken relationships are common place in this world. Yet, in the kingdom of heaven, there is hope and healing for every relationship.


Power in the Word
by Pastor Jon Matthew 5:17-20
God speaks to you through the Word. The Bible is much more than a textbook of faith and action. It has the power to change your life.

Faithful Servant
by Pastor Ron Burks Matthew 25:23