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Pastor Jon
Romans 2:1-16 09-27-15
Traveling the Romans Road Audio -

Religious people run from the gospel as much as nonreligious people. The wake up comes when you realize that you can never be good enough.

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Game of Thrones
by Pastor Jon Romans 1:18-32
Everyone worships something. There has to be something that captures your imagination and your allegiance. Whatever it is, you will worship it and serve it.

Not Ashamed
by Pastor Jon Romans 1:8-17
Church people and non-church people need to be shaken by the gospel. It is the way you are called to faith and the way you grow in faith.


Breaking News
by Pastor Jon Romans 1:1-7
The gospel is good news about what's already been done and it's meant to be shared. Every disciple of Jesus has a good news message to tell.

A Christian Worldview of Life
by Pastor Ken Davis John 6:25-69