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Pastor Jon
John 9:1-12 05-24-15
The Power of a Miracle Audio -

How sharp is your spiritual vision? You cannot see the world for what it really is without the miracle of Jesus' touch.

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A Meteorological Miracle
by Pastor Jon John 6:16-24
Storms can bring fear: the fear of failure, the fear of people's opinions, the fear of the future. When the storm comes, remember that Jesus has power over the storm.

More than Math
by Pastor Jon John 6:1-14
God's math will not help you get a good grade in Algebra, but it will change your life. His answer is always more than enough.


Never Give Up
by Pastor Jon John 5:1-15
When logical caculations get in the way of theological beliefs, you will be tempted to give up hope. Never forget that Jesus can make your impossible possible.

The Long Distance Miracle
by Pastor Jon John 4:46-54
Miracles are beyond our ability to control or understand, but they are never out of reach for Jesus. The only impossible miracle is the one you never ask.