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Pastor Jon
Luke 19:1-10 03-01-15
Keeping Pace Audio -

The speed of life is fast. You can't outrun it and you can't keep up with it. Jesus shows us the way to win at life is to practice the discipline of slowing down.

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Just Say No
by Pastor Jon
What is your margin for mission? Your ability to follow Jesus depends on your willingness to say no to everything else.

Confessing the Craziness
by Pastor Jon Luke 8:26-31
What kind of crazy has become normal in your life? Jesus wants you to live an abundant life, but it only comes when you are willing to confess the craziness.


Back On Track
by Pastor Jon Philippians 3:12-14
When God wants to build you up, Satan wants to battle you down. When you are tempted to get off track, your spiritual discipline becomes most important.

Just Do It
by Pastor Jon Mark 1:21-39
There is a huge difference between a good idea and a God Idea. You will know the difference when you have an active relationship with Jesus.